Pension advice

Have you arranged your pension yet?​

Pension advice

Have you arranged your pension yet?

Pension accrual, pension funds, pension plan assets, pension costs: things that continuously occupy the minds of employers, employees, insurers and advisers. The pension structure in the Netherlands is constantly changing and the laws and regulations are changing with it. Having a guaranteed retirement provision is becoming increasingly less secure. Sound advice about your pension is therefore vitally important; Independent advice that includes, among other things, the fiscal and civil law aspects. But also the affordability for employer and employee.

Need pension advice?

De Wert Pension is happy to offer you advice regarding:

  • Collective pension plans for your employees.
  • Calculation of the pension deficit.
  • Available premium schemes.
  • Bank savings products.
  • Pension benefit equalisation in case of divorce.
  • Value transfer of pension after dismissal.
  • Financial planning.

De Wert has a WFT Pension Licence from the AFM (Authority of Financial Markets) since 2012.


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