Is your company subject to statutory auditing?


This depends on a number of criteria (revenue, balance sheet total and the number of staff) that your company must meet. If your business meets these criteria, you, as business owner, are obliged to have your annual accounts audited by an accountant.

We work with fixed auditing teams wherever possible. This means they possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that the audit assignments are carried out efficiently. During the audit, attention is given to major risks and ICT and in other areas where we can be of added value for your business.

For many years now, the statutory audits can only be carried out by audit firms that have been granted a licence by the AFM (Authority for Financial Markets). We can also do this for you. De Wert has been licensed through the Audit Firms Supervision Act (“Wta”) since 2008 to conduct audit assignments. For us, this is a recognition and a confirmation of the quality of our service.


Mark van Raak

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