Estate planning, inheritance tax & gift tax

Is it necessary to update my will? 

Estate planning, inheritance & gift tax

Is it necessary to update my will? Does an AWBZ scheme (Exceptional Medical Expenses Act) need to be included? Perhaps I need a living will? How do I make sure my heirs pay as little tax as possible now and in the future? These are some of the questions our tax experts are asked regularly. They understand that tax savings go hand in hand with proper planning.  This can start with annually giving an amount to your heirs as a tax-exempted gift, but our tax law experts also like to look further.

Estate planning deals with capital, but deals mostly with you. We take this into account when giving advice. A well-planned future you feel comfortable and secure with.

Inheritance tax

As an heir in the Netherlands, you pay 10% or 20% inheritance tax (tariff when a child inherits). We can establish whether it is at all possible in your situation to reduce the inheritance tax tariff from 20% to 10%.

Gift tax

By making a timely start to giving your children assets each year, you can save considerably on gift tax later.


Emile Theuns

Emile Theuns

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