Personnel file

What does a personnel file contain?​

Personnel file

What does a personnel file contain?

Besides administrative and tax information, such as salary, expense allowances, address details, contracts, etc., personnel files are also used to keep track of your staff members’ performances and to document the improvement areas and agreements made. You need this information in order to guide the development of your employees, but also if you need to let an employee go. In a personnel file you bundle the most important information about your employee into one (digital) file. This means you can easily answer any questions both from within the organisation and from external bodies about specific personnel data. If, for instance in the case of dismissal, the UWV (Dutch Employment Insurance Agency) or the employee's lawyer wishes to know what steps you have taken to address the behaviour of your employee, you simply look it up in the personnel file. But also if the employee has already left the company, external bodies may still ask for certain information. It is therefore extremely important to keep the personnel file up to date.

A personnel file contains at least the following information:

  • Personal details
  • Contracts and employment conditions
  • Employee's performance and development
  • Leave and absenteeism records of the employee (note: medical records may not be recorded in the personnel file)
  • Miscellaneous and specific information

What can De Wert do for you?

  • You can maintain the personnel files of your employees through our online Nmbrs HR system.
  • Our HR specialists can look through your employees’ personnel files and assess whether the files meet all the requirements and, if desired, can assist you in setting up the files professionally.

Do you have questions?

Please contact our HRM department for more information.

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