Publication/minutes AGM

What are publication documents?​

Publication/minutes AGM

What are publication documents?

Each year, the financial statement must be filed with the Chamber of Commerce. In the Netherlands we call these the publication documents. Small business enterprises need only file a condensed balance sheet and limited explanatory notes. From medium-sized businesses and up, the enterprise must publish its annual report with the associated audit opinion. The publication documents must be drawn up within a specific period and subsequently filed with the Chamber of Commerce no later than 8 days after adoption.

AGM minutes

The adoption takes place in the Annual General Meeting. This is often a formality. Still, the minutes must be recorded. These minutes of the meeting record, among other things, the profit or loss and the Management Board is discharged from liability.

Digital filing?

As of the financial year 2016, you have to file your financial figures digitally if your business is classed as micro or small. This means that submitting on paper with the Chamber of Commerce is no longer possible.

For (advice on) drawing up a publication document and the minutes, please contact us.


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